Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Pills Ahoy

Well I feel at the mo to be totally inundated with pills of one sort or another.

On Sunday we started taking the malaria pills (2 everyday and an extra 2 once a week), we have been taking the B1 tablets for just over a week now, plus I take my normal pill every day. It can get quite hard to rememeber whats going on.

The malaria pills are an interesting bunch, i've never before had to take tablets that didn't taste very nice. In fact I don't think I can remember tablets tasting of anything before but these defo do, a very funny taste that is very unpleasant, you do not want to leave them on your toungue too long!

The B1 tablets have their interesting side too, they turn your pee illuminous green! Now if you remember from my last post we have 2 kinds of B1 tablets, cheap and expensive ones. Now im alternating the days on which I take them because basically we worked out that the expensive ones are twice as potent as the others. Anyway it's the expensive, potent ones that make your pee green. They are massive things as well, quite hard to get down and I really hope they work after all this.


  1. I want green pee too :D
    I hope you feel well Ava. watch out for side effects, some pills interact with others.

  2. Hey Johnz, guess what - the B1 tablets did not work lol I got bitten to shit by the mozzies! xx