Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Credit / Debit Cards

Im expecting to use my cards quite a bit in Nepal as we arn't planning on taking too much local currancy with us. I have just recently had a new debit card and a little pamphlet with it said that for each transaction abroad I would be charged £1.50! Has this always been the case?? I don't think I have ever checked before as well i've always been working and haven't worried too much about it. £1.50 seems like a lot though.

Also my bro has told me that he needs to notify his bank when he is planning on using his card abroad (he is with Barclays, im with Halifax). Im not sure if I need to do this with mine, i've never done it before but then it might be a new thing they have bought in. I know back in the day you used to have to tell your bank in case they thought the card had been stolen but I thought with everone leaving the country every 2 mins these days that they had done away with things like that.


  1. Because of the company I'm using (Viewpoint), I have to use my debit/credit cards at least 15 times a month along with completing some other demands so that I can keep my 4% APY. @__@ At least you're in Nepal, haha. I'm in plain ol' Texas!

  2. hehe thanks Kyrie. By the way I would love to go to plain ol'd Texas, america rocks :-)