Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Monastery / Pharping

I finally flipped yesterday and told Ad and Kris that one of them has to swap with me for a class or two.

Actually I did a few classes with them and a few on my own and really enjoyed it! You don't know what you can do until you try and with no lesson plan or anything I found I could teach a group of kids and have fun.

The Monks are so lovely and they really love their English classes. Some of the small one's especially love to draw and the passion of them all seems to be football!

In one of the classes I did on my own earlier the kids said ' teacher is mitro chaa' - meaning teacher is good :-) made me happy to think they liked my classes.

Tonight Tempo took us into Pharping again for dinner. We got the local bus and those things are a nightmare. There is a distinct smell on Nepali buses and I suspect it's BO!

To eat we had something called sharpalap which Tempo recommended and which seemed to be something like a Cornish pasty. They don't eat cow at all here as it's a sacred animal so the meat (shar means meat) was buffalow. They were really tasty.

Again we ended up walking back in the dark but it was quite nice to walk as I was so stuffed after the sharpalap.