Tuesday, 11 August 2009

B1 Tablets

Well im totally gutted about my recent B1 tablet purchasing.

My bro and dad are regular shoppers at a place called Bean Freaks, which is kind of a health food / vitamin store and on one of their recent trips they picked up a leaflet which advertised B1 tablets. B1 tablets basically are supposed to help keep mosquitoes away by making you give off some sort of odour (which can't be smelt by humans).

This sounded like an ace idea for Nepal as apparently the mosquitoes are rife over there, so along we trotted and bought 2 bottles each containing 30 tablets for just over £6 each. We actually needed 3 bottles but 2 was all they had in stock so we planned to go back today when they would have had another delivery in.

However on the way to Bean Freaks we happened to be passing Holland & Barrett www.hollandandbarrett.com and thought it was worth a look to see if they stocked B1 tablets. Oh boy did they! A pack of 100 was just under £2. I could not believe the price difference! We were well and truly had at Bean Freaks.

My advice to anyone needing B1 tablets is to run straight on past Bean Freaks and into Holland & Barrett.


  1. In my native country, to get rid of the mosquitoes we light a mosquito repellent in the form of a coil.Most people light this coil at night. But is advised not to use it ,if you are an asthmatic, as the fumes could trigger an attack.

  2. I am allergic to bug bites...I should buy some B1

  3. I have been taking them for about a week now and since im still in the UK im not sure if they work yet but I will keep you updated. By the way, they make your pee green!