Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Worst day ever! I'm so fed up of teaching with Cristina as she never lets me do anything. I hate the bathroom and so much for Tempo telling us we could have it to ourselves, the Monks are constantly in there.

I feel really, really low today and Ad & Kris won't swap with me and do the odd class with Cristina to give me a break.
On the up side, the Monastery dogs are wicked, look at them go.

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Cristina is starting to try my patience in class. Outside of class we get on great, but when we are teaching she keeps shooting down my idea's and stopping me from teaching the way I would like to. She is a great teacher but I'm here to help to and she needs to give me some space to use some of my idea's.

The bathroom situation is still a nightmare. Cold showers under a tap that at best is a dribble and at worst stops altogether is starting to get to me. Plus I'm drinking almost nothing from the afternoon onwards as I hate using the toilet after dark due to the no light in the bathroom situation. Kristy has resorted to peeing in a bottle and Cristina goes outside.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Evening - Pharping

Travis took us to a roof top resturant that he knew and Cristina and I braved the Nepali toilet. To be fair it is the cleanest I have come across so far and there was even a tap in the room next door that looked like it was used to wash clothes so we could wash our hands. As far as I know washing machines don't exist in Nepal.

The resturant was in fact one set of garden chairs and a table on the roof of a building. The chairs were mostly broken and the place was fairly dirty but we had a nice little atmosphere going on as there was such a large group of us.

Sophie, Jo and Karrem started telling us what they have been up to so far and I really started to realise what a smart guy Kareem is. He's on something like his 4th degree and is over here using his law degree to do some UN type work. He's also really interested in the issues of the countries he visits and really knew alot about the Nepal Government and the many issues Nepali people face.

I had something called Momo's to eat, basically seemed to be like chicken in pasta, was very nice and great to have a change from Dal Bhat!

By the time we finished dinner it was pretty dark and Tempo had warned us not to be outside the Monastery after dark. Apparently there are lots of gorilla gangs in the village and it's not safe to be out there at night. We walked back as quickly as we could but it still took about an hour. Apart from loosing Kareem for a short spell however it was without incident.