Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Nepal - 01.01.09 - 6.00pm - Kathmandu

Landing at Kathmandu airport was a bit of a shock to the system, it wasn't like any airport I have been to before! It was raining really heavily but you could already feel the heat.

The first thing that happened was a doctor looking guy came up to us and stuck an infrared looking gun thing on our head. Turned out he was taking our temperature but we wern't to know that at the time. We also had to fill out a medical form saying we didnt have a cough, cold, swine flu etc. This sounds easy but we couldn't find a pen and couldn't find anyone to lend us one. Eventually, after about 15 mins Kris found a pen in the bottom on her bag.

That done we went on to change our money into Ruppees, the exchange rate was roughly £1 to 125 Ruppees, so we were now thousandaires :-)

Getting the visa's would have been fine but they wanted us to pay in £'s! We had thought they would prefer Ruppee's but it turned out they wanted anything but. Luckily I had £20 on me (visa's were £27) and they accepted the £7 in Ruppee's. Ad and Kris had to change some of their Ruppee's back into $'s though and so ended up paying two exchange rates, nightmare. Thinking back on it now, I think if we had pushed it they would have accepted all Ruppee's, damn it.

The luggage took an age to come through and I was amazed at the amount of TV's and other electrical goods that were coming through. The belt kept breaking down and random travellers kept jumping up on it to try and fix it!

The best part of landing was getting waved through customs :-) I saw them asking some natives to unpack their whole suitcases and I would possibly have cried if they had done that to me, so jampacked was my backpack that im sure I wouldn't have got it all back in!

There were loads of people outside and locals tended to dive on you asking if you wanted a taxi. Luckily the guy from Quest was there to meet us and without too much issue we packed out bags into the (tiny) car and we were off .....

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