Saturday, 8 January 2011

Monastery / Kathmandu

Our last morning teaching the kids was a little sad, I'm going to miss some of them!

Morning lessons finish at 12.00 midday and the guys from the office were due to pick us up after that but they arrived early - 11.30am so we had to finish up our class a bit early. It was so cute, the kids didn't want to finish! At the end of every lesson they sing a song to thank you for the learning they receive during that lesson. We listened to it for the last time then we were on our way. The kids came to the windows of the monastery to wave us off.

Tonight we are spending the night in Kathmandu before we catch the 6.30am bus to Chitwan tomorrow.

It was lovely chilling in the hotel room with no mosquitoes, a TV and a pot of Pringles.

I bought this amazing book in one of the bookshops here - 'Leaving Microsoft to Change The World' - it's about a guy who was fairly high up in Microsoft, who left to set up schools and send books to poor kids in Nepal.

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  1. That should have been a pretty heavy farewell to have it bid to those little kids...! Should have got little tears hidden, when those kiddies waved out of the window..for the last time!!

    Looking out for more posts from you!! Cheers!! Happy LIVING!!