Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Monastery / Kathmandu

Ad had a bit of a wobbly as he thought some of the monks had taken some of his clothes off the washing line today. All was ok in the end as they had just been moved!

He did start to say that he might like to do a different project for our last week in Nepal however and me and Kris thought this might be a good idea as we could get to try a few volunteer projects rather than just one.

As we were planning to go to Kathmandu today anyway we decided to pop into the office to see Salve and see what else she had available.

Salve had a few options for us but as we had all liked Chitwan we decided we would like to go back there and do some conservation work. BUT only as long as we could stay in the Park Side Hotel again, by this point we all know we couldn't handle a host family stay.

Luckily Park Side could fit us in so we decided to have one more night in the Monastery and one more morning of teaching before we left so that we could say bye to the kids.

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