Friday, 27 November 2009

08.09.09 - Afternoon - Pharping

We caught a lift on the back of a truck into Pharping this afternoon, me, Kris, Ad, Travis, Cristina, Kareen, Jo and Sophie to get some dinner - not Dal Bhat, yahhhh!

The views around here are amazing! Lots of hills and miles and miles of rice fields. It was a bit hairy on the back of the van as there was so many squashed in and I had to keep a death grip on a bar to stay aboard.


  1. i am jealous of you because you travel. btw, i like your blog too.

  2. Thanks Bumblebeesies :-) it is amazing, if you can get out and do it I would urge you to! xx

  3. Great idea for a blog Ava!

    I wish blogging had been around when I travelled the world...oh well...

    I know you're experiencing the pitfalls of foreign travel, believe me when I say that the bathroom issue is the main fret in almost every country NOT Canada or the US. Even the UK can have pressure problems!

    But because you're young, you'll survive it all and these experiences you'll look back on as the times of your Life, honest!

    As for that "budinski" friend of yours, tell her to take a chill pill with the pushiness in class already!

    Keep up the writing and the wonderful photos so we all can share in your adventure!

    I'm LURKING you (as I'm morally prohibited from doing the "F" thin!) and have put your blog on my B3 Favourites List just so I can keep up with your adventures!


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  4. This photo you posted is absolutely breath taking! So beautiful! I wish so much that I could raise my family with a view like that behind our home.