Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Jabs Cont ....

Well troops im getting there with all the jabs that I need for Nepal. So far i've had:

2 x rabies
2 x hep B
1 x hep A (and something else mixed in one injection but I forget what)
1 x tetnus / diptheria / polio

Left to have is:

1 x rabies
1 x hep B

plus I have to sort out my malaria tablets for which I have a docs appointment coming up. There has been some major confusion over the malaria tabs let me tell you! I thought that was going to be one of the more simplier things to sort out but our docs surgery seem to like to change their mind about malaria advise depending on who you are talking to.

The first nurse I saw said that she would sort out a doctors perscription for us, excellent I thought, job done. I then had a different nurse for the next set of jabs and when I reminded her about the perscription she said that we didn't need one and to just buy them over the counter at the chesmist. Ok I thought, will do - however my sis was then told by the original nurse that you have to have a docs perscription as there are many types of malaria tabs and things like being on the pill can effect which ones you need. At this point I thought I had better double check at the docs as I didn't want to buy some random pills and then have them not be effective or whatever when mixed with my pill. I saw the 2nd nurse again and this time she pretty much gave up and said just make a docs appointment and he will sort it. So that's where I am at the moment - totally confused about malaria pills lol.


  1. Oh, wow. You really have to go through a lot, but you are getting there though and that's great. I know you are so excited. Also, I wanted to say thanks for the comments on my site. I read them as they come in and I totally agree with what you have to say.

  2. :-) thanks Kiaana! I love checking out your site, tis fab.

    It is alot to go through esp since i've never been anywhere remotly off the beaten track before so i've never had to do all this prep hehe but im soooo looking forward to it now.

  3. That's pretty unusual. Rabies vaccine is typically only administered to humans AFTER potential exposure to the Rabies virus. I imagine it's because there's a high risk of exposure in nepal, combined with limited access to vaccines, which can be bad news if you're going for an extended stay- rabies virus can initiate the fatal rabies disease as soon as a month, though there have been cases that have occurred up to a year after exposure. Anyway, Rabies is highly prevalent in that region, as well as a few new similar viruses, so don't just rely on that vaccine. If you're bit or think you might have been bit by any mammal, bats included, clean the bite out with preferably warm water and an antiseptic such as iodine (if it's not deep).

    Also, as far as Malaria goes, be sure you don't lapse on your meds, and see to it that you see your doctor before you discontinue your preventative regimen. Wear long sleeves and pants whenever you can and please use bug spray. There ARE resistant forms of Malaria out there, so even with preventative drugs on your side, avoiding mosquito bites is still the best method of avoiding Malaria.

    Anyway, it sounds like becoming a human pincushion is going to be worth it for you, at least.

  4. Ow! With all those jabs it sounds like a boxing match! Worth it though. There is absolutely nothing good about malaria, hep, or any other nasty that you listed, that's for sure.

  5. Thats very true Dr! And thanks for your comments Safety :-) I will be sure to take all the precautions I can. Luckily the company we are going with seems brill in that they have sent us lots of information about what to do, they also recommended the long sleeves and trousers and also to take malara nets. There didn't say where to buy them from though? xx